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Bashly Pyotr Nikolaevich, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor; Vice-Rector–Director of the Russian Customs Academy, Rostov Branch; Professor, Chair of Informative Sciences and IT Technologies in Customs.

Research interests: actual problems of the Customs system functioning; information technologies in the Economics and Customs; and issues of information security.

The author of over than 150 publications, including:

- 15 textbooks and manuals, including textbooks: “Information Security Essentials in the Customs Bodies of the Russian Federation”, “Information Security”, “Technical Means of Information”, “Modern Network Technology” with the vultures of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Training-Methodical Association in the field of Customs;

- 17 patents of the Russian Federation, devoted to researching problems of the radio-electronic security increase of the information technology infrastructure objects, information security;

- more than 120 scientific articles, included in peer-reviewed and indexed (RSCI, Scopus, Web of Science) Russian and foreign publications.

The initiator and active organizer of the annual all-Russian scientific-practical conference of the Russian Customs Academy, Rostov branch “Specific Features of the State Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities” held with the participation and support of the Southern and North Caucasus Customs Administrations.

A participant of the state contracts in the framework of the Federal target programme for 2009-2013 “Research and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of the Innovative Russia” in the following directions: “Information and Telecommunication Systems” and “Transport and Space Systems”.

In September, 2013 he was included in the Federal Register of scientific and technical sphere experts. He is a member of the Board for awarding academic degrees for PHD theses D 212.208.10, Speciality 01.04.03 “Radiophysics”.


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